Limited Edition Execute XQ10F 1/10 FWD Competition Touring Car Kit

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FWD version of the Xpress Execute XQ10, FWD drivetrain combined with a center of gravity shifted towards the center. By moving the pulley, the motor has been moved forwards as well putting more weight forwards and changing the weight balance by shifting one of the most heavy objects on the car. Combined with a purpose shaped chassis deck which is the result of long time testing combined with shorty Lipos to give the best chassis flex. Retaining the screw holes which allow for installing of the rear T-Plate which lets you limit the amount of rear flex as well! The topdecks also have our signature flex elimination design integrated which allows you to further fine tune the chassis flex.


  • Limited Edition Kit with Laser Engraved Kit Number
  • Adjustable top deck flex with inserts
  • Comes with strong plastic parts which use 3.0mm suspension pins in the outside and inside hinge for less play and a more rigid construction
  • Redesigned steering rack for a more linear and smooth steering reaction
  • Built in Front belt tensioner in the motor mount
  • Lowered and smaller bumper foam for use with FWD touring car bodies
  • Split bulkheads aimed for low traction tracks
  • Bearing Supported Anti Rollbars for smoother suspension operation
  • Short shocks allows a lower center of gravity for high cornering stability
  • Plastic Suspension mount inserts for easy roll center adjustments



  • Wheelbase: Adjustable 254 to 258mm
  • Width: Adjustable 185mm



  • Xpress Execute XQ10F FWD Touring Car Kit (1 pc)



  • Radio system (transmitter and receiver)
  • Low Profile Steering servo
  • Motor
  • Pinion gear (64p)
  • Battery pack (Shorty)
  • Speed controller
  • Charger
  • Bodyshell
  • Wheels, Tires, Inserts