TrackStar Sportsman 60A 1/10th Scale Sensored Brushless Car ESC (ROAR APPROVED)

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The Turnigy TrackStar 1/10th scale 60amp Sportsman Car ESC is the latest addition to Car ESC range. Using a Fast Silicon Labs MCU and high quality On-Semiconductor MOSFETs the TrackStar 60A Sportsman ESC sets a new standard in high quality yet affordable car ESCs. With Intelligent MCU logic the TrackStar series ESCs allow extremely precise start up control and positioning feed back from the motor. This translates into a very smooth start up and acceleration.

The Turnigy TrackStar 60A Sportsman ESC also boasts a host of programing options not usually found in a 1/10th scale ESC at this price and can be programmed with ease via the Turnigy TrackStar programming card (sold separately) or on your PC via "Skylink".

• Easy to programme using either programme card or via PC
• Loads of programming options
• Optional fan connection
• Press button power switch
• LED status indicator

Programming Options:
• Running Mode: Forward/Brake, Forward/Brake/Reverse, Forward/Reverse
• Motor Direction: Normal, Reverse
• Reverse Speed: 25~100% (in 1% increments)
• Voltage Cut-off: 3~11V (in 0.1V increments)
• ESC Overheat Protection: 85°C, 105°C, 125°C
• Motor Overheat Protection: 85°C, 105°C, 125°C
• Punch Rate Switch Point: 1~99% (in 1% increments)
• 1st Stage Punch: 1~30 (in increments of 1)
• 2nd Stage Punch Rate: 1~30 (in increments of 1)
• Throttle Input Curve: Linear, Custom
• Throttle Deadband: 0.002~0. 150mS
• Drag Brake: 0~100% (in 1% increments)
• Brake Strength: 0~100% (in 1% increments)
• Intial Brake: = Drag brake
• Brake Rate Switch Point: 1~99% (in 1% increments)
• 1st Stage Brake Rate: 1~20 (in increments of 1)
• 2nd Stage Brake Rate: 1~20 (in increments of 1)
• Brake Input Curve: Linear, Custom

Default Settings:
Running Mode: Forward/Brake
Motor Direction: Normal
Reverse Speed: 20%
Voltage Cut-off: 3.2V
ESC Overheat Protection: 105°C
Motor Overheat Protection: 105°C
Punch Rate Switch Point: 50%
1st Stage Punch Rate: 5
2nd Stage Punch Rate: 5
Throttle Input Curve: Linear
Throttle Deadband: 0.080mS
Drag Brake: 10%
Brake Strength: 75%
Initial Brake: = Drag brake
Brake Rate Switch Point: 50%
1st Stage Brake Rate: 10
2nd Stage Brake Rate: 16
Brake Input Curve: Linear

Constant/Burst Current: 60A/300A
Motor Compatibility: Brushless sensored or sensorless
Car Compatibility: 1/10 buggy and touring car
Input Voltage: 4~6 Nimh cells or 2S Lipoly
Motor Limits: 8.5T (1/10 touring car), 11.5T (1/10 buggy)
Resistance: 0.0006Ω
BEC Output: 6V@2A
Servo Connector: JR type
Lead Length: 200mm
Dimensions: 35.3 x 32.4 x 19mm
Weight: 60g

Turnigy Trackstar 60A Sportsman ESC
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