Xpress Spring Steel Double Joint Universal Shaft 2pcs For Execute XM1 XM1S

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Replacement Spring Steel Double Joint Universal Shafts for Execute XM1, or a direct fit upgrade for the XM1S (5x10x4mm bearings unchanged). Double jointed universals reduce the angle which the shafts are at so reduces the vibrations generated and thus give a better steering response!

Fits XM1 & XM1S

* These are designed for the XM1 and it is recommended they are run with driveshaft blade protectors. This means it is recommended they are run with a front alloy spool with steel outdrives or front differential allowing for blade protectors. This allows free movement of the driveshaft during cornering and suspension compression.   These are not recommended for running indoors with plastic outdrives (kit XM1S spool).  They will fit the stock XM1S spool however due to the design they are not advised to be run indoors with the plastic spool outdrives. Any wear on the plastic spool outdrives can cause the pins to catch and can cause compression failure of the joint during heavy impacts. This has been found to occur on XM1S cars using standard plastic outdrives on tracks using roadrail.


  • For: Execute XM1 XM1S
  • Material: Spring Steel
  • Colour: Brown