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BSR Racing M.RAGE 1/10 4WD M-Chassis (Un-Assembled Kit)


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BSR Racing M.RAGE 1/10 4WD M-chassis (Un-assemble kit) 210mm long, almost touching the ground, with just the right balance of stiffness and flexibility and a body that is sure to make you relive your boy racer days, when every road was your own personal race track in your Suzuki Swift, Ford Escort or Mini Cooper (depending when you were born) and the thrill of a well balanced car was more important than all out speed. Those days when you'd spend hours building a 1/24th scale replica of your little pride and joy in the garage.

The M.Rage is not only the first true on-road racing kit to be launched by Basher’s BSR Racing brand but, we have finally come out with something that our car customers have been constantly asking us for… a build it yourself kit, so you can enjoy the experience of bringing your car to life, right down to painting its neat little Suzuki Swift body. 

If you're a racer or serious basher you'll love the tough carbon fibre chassis, carbon reinforced plastics for the swing arms and gearboxes, ball diffs front and rear, silky smooth aluminium shocks and a range of option parts to keep even the most competitive drivers happy.

Because this car is so small, light and nimble you don't need a super fast brushless system to have fun, in fact we set it up with an old school 27T brushed motor for the video shoot and it was more than enough power to whip around an on-road track. 

This is a genuine race car just in a smaller package than normal. So relive those halcyon days of building your own models and tearing up the streets with your hot hatch and get yourself the M.Rage from BSR.


• Fully compatible with Tamiya M size body and wheels
• Fiber structure chassis
• New designed rear arm mount 
• Steering rail system
• Use full size 1/10 on-road electronic
• Shaft drive 4WD with ball diff.
• Adjustable aluminum shocks
• Full spare and option parts list support
• Included clear lexan body, rims and tires

Track width: 165mm
Wheelbase: 210mm
Tire width: 24mm
Wheel diameter: 56mm
Hex size: 12mm
Internal ratio: 2.35:1

2CH radio system
2S 7.4V Lipoly battery (Standard pack/Shorty pack)
Standard size servo
Battery Charger
Buliding tools