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18T Aluminium 7075 Hard Coated 48DP Pinion By Yeah Racing

Yeah Racing

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Aluminum 7075 Hard Coated Motor Gear/Pinions 48 Pitch 15 Teeth



  • The motor gear series including 2 major types of Pitch Pinion - the 48 Pitch Pinion and the 64 Pitch Pinion. The 48 Pitch Pinion available from 15 teeth to 38 teeth. The 64 Pitch Pinion available from 17 teeth to 52 teeth. The Yeah Racing Aluminum Motor Gear are made by 7075 high quality aluminum with titanium coated surface.



  • For: 1:10 EP, fit on 540 Motor
  • Material: 7075 Aluminum 
  • Color: Titanium



  • Pitch: 48
  • Teeth: 17



  • 48 Pitch Pinion 17 Teeth (1 Pc)
  • Set Screw (1 pc)


Review from RC Driver, Issue 108, 

In electric RC, the pinion gear is meshed with the spur gear and provides power to drive train. A quality pinion gear will provide maximum transfer of speed and power to the motor.

"I am a fan of precision manufactured, quality pinion gears that when properly meshed with a new or good spur are totally silent! These gears from Yeah Racing certainly fill the bill." By Chris Kovachevich