3 Racing Sakura M4 Pro Full Spec M Chassis kit

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M4 PRO design is combined from our successful series -“SAKURA”; The main base design used the new Sakura Advance 2K18 design and comes with upgraded graphite main chassis, shock tower and aluminum bulkheads, and dampers. M4 PRO is a upgraded AWD M Chassis for those who want an advance chassis.


  • Graphite main chassis and upper deck
  • Aluminium big bore low profile dampers
  • Adjustable wheelbase from 210 to 225mm; providing wide range of body choices
  • Battery tray components from the new Sakura Advance 2K18, it is compatible with standard and short pack battery.
  • Extended front and rear suspension arms provide better stability.
  • Adjustable hardness chassis 
  • Aluminium front and rear bulkhead components from the new Sakura Advance 2K18.
  • Steering system components from the new Sakura Advance 2K18; it has revised the steering angle moving the CG forward to provides better steering responses.
  • Gear differential components from the new Sakura Advance 2K18
  • New front and rear graphite shock towers


  • Overall Length: 390mm MAX
  • Overall Width: 170mm
  • Wheelbase: 210mm / 225mm


  • Radio System
  • Charger
  • Motor
  • Speed Controller
  • Servo
  • Body
  • Battery Pack
  • Tools

*Photos for reference only, no electrics included!