3Racing Sakura Advance 20M Mid Pro Spec 1/10 Touring Car Kit

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3Racing have introduced their new Advance 20M mid-motor electric touring car kit. Building on the previous Advance competition on-road kit the 20M features a mid-motor design for improved balance and overall quicker lap times while the new 20mm bulkhead spacing optimised the natural chassis flex compared to the previous 23mm spacing. Other features include updated suspension mount, again to optimise chassis flex and new 20T centre pulleys that allow the use of virtually every main gear brand. New 5mm lower ultra low centre of gravity shock towers round out the package. 



  • New 2.25mm carbon fibre main chassis

  • High flex 2.0mm carbon fibre upper decks

  • Ultra low centre of gravity big bore shocks

  • 3.0mm carbon fibre shock towers

  • Updated suspension mounts

  • Flexible battery tray design

  • Newly design spur gear adapter

  • New mid motor mount

  • Full metal ball bearings


  • Overall Length: 373mm MAX

  • Overall Width: 187mm

  • Overall Height: 115mm

  • Wheel Base: 259mm

  • Weight: Approx 1320g


  • 3Racing Sakura Advance 20M Mid 1/10 Touring Car Kit (1 set)


  • Motor

  • ESC

  • Radio

  • Servo

  • Charger

  • Battery

  • Body

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