Aluminum Screwdriver set With Hex, Phillip & Flat Screw Bits

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Screwdriver kit that includes the most used sizes for R/C, perfect for those outdoor RC adventures. Included is an aluminum carrying case so that you will not lose the screwdriver bits and will second as a good protection for the handle! The handle and case being aluminum makes this kit very light which will not add to the overall weight you will have to bring outdoors! The bits being steel so that they will provide excellent longetivity!



  • Material: Aluminum with Steel bits
  • Color: Silver



  • Aluminum Handle (1pc)
  • SL4.0 Flathead bit (1pc)
  • SL2.0 Flathead bit (1pc)
  • PH2.0 Phillipshead bit (1pc)
  • PH1.0 Phillipshead bit (1pc)
  • PH0 Phillipshead bit (1pc)
  • PH00 Phillipshead bit (1pc)
  • H3 Hex Head bit (1pc)
  • H2.5 Hex Head bit (1pc)
  • H2 Hex Head bit (1pc)
  • H1.5 Hex Head bit (1pc)