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CONTACT Pre-Glued A34 Outdoor Spec - PK4


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Introducing from Contact RC Tyres, the A34 pre-glued rubber tyre especially designed for outdoor 1/10th Touring racing.

A great performing tyre with a sensible price.

The Contact A34 pre-glued tyre has been developed and tested by Schumacher's highly experienced staff to provide excellent traction and wear rates for competition touring car racing.

The A34 is built on a Schumacher Revlite 24mm wheel combined with a medium yellow insert, a well proven combination over many years.

The tyre has a wide working temperature from 10 to 30 deg Celsius air temperature.

 Glued using Schumacher's in house automated gluing process which accurately controls the glue flow rate and quantity to ensure perfectly glued tyres every time.