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Core Rc 2000cSt Silicone Oil 60ml


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CORE RC high grade 100% pure silicone oil for shocks and gear diffs. 


Available in a massive range of 28 viscosities from the lightest 100cSt shock oil to the heaviest 300,000cSt diff oil. 

Extremely temperature resistant in both warm and cold conditions. 

Fully sealed bottles for best transport without leakage, and super easy to use lid for easy precise pouring. 

Large capacity 60ml bottle for less trips to the shops!

* Please note this item cannot go via Royal Mail it must go via carrier.  If the dedicated carrier option is not selected then this will be shipped via My Hermes which so please expected up to 5 days for delivery.  If it is required sooner then the dedicate 2 day carrier option MUST be selected for shipping,