Kyosho Ultima RB7SS 1:10 2WD Competition Kit KYOSHO ULTIMA RB7SS 1:10 2WD COMPETITION KIT

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The Kyosho Ultima RB7SS Stock Spec 1/10 2WD Electric Buggy Kit was developed for high level stock class racing, and has been tuned specifically for 17.5T motors. The kit includes velvet coated aluminium diff shafts, universals, and direct drive top shaft to deliver efficient transfer of power to the surface. Additionally, the overall weight of the machine has been reduced, including a lightweight body. With a revised rear end set up and the lightweight drive line components, this SS (Stock Spec) machine is designed to take your spec class program to the next level.

Velvet coated aluminium driveshafts and diff halves dramatically reduce rotating mass and friction. Blade type adapters further reduce friction and wear.
Gunmetal anodized aluminium front axles help reduce the overall weight of the chassis. The RB7 SS is  35g lighter than the standard RB7.
Aluminium driveline components help reduce rotating mass and overall weight for improved spec racing performance. 
Velvet coated direct drive topshaft and included 72T spur gear help extract maximum power from today's modern spec class motors.

  • Length: 395mm
  • Width: 249mm
  • Height: 148mm
  • Wheelbase: 277mm
  • Track width: F: 221mm/ R: 201mm
  • Transmission ratio: 2.6:1


  • Unassembled car kit
  • Lightweight spec clear body
  • Wing
  • X-GEAR ball diff , high graphite grease, and springs

Needed to Complete:

  • 2ch, 1 servo, 1 ESC RC system
  • Motor
  • Battery and charger for chassis
  • Wheels, Tires and inserts
  • Pinion gear
  • Paint for body
  • Batteries for transmitter
  • Tools

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