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Penguin Slayer LD3 Body - 0.75mm


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From Penguin Custom Bodyshells is the 'Slayer' body for the Cougar LD3.

The 'Slayer' is updated for the new Cougar LD3 model. An unfussy design, with no unnecessary fins or inlets, more streamlined and unhindered to aid airflow, helping the rear downforce. Added clearance around the servo horn, the spur gear is also elongated to suit both gearbox versions on the LD3M and LD3D. 

Streamlined and fast, specifically designed for modern LCG battery’s, with a forward designed front cab to keep the steering inputs pinned to the track.

Available in both standard weight 0.75mm and lightweight 0.5mm, supplied clear with window masks and made from high grade lexan.