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TrackStar Quick Tweak Killer for 1/10 Chassis


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Having trouble fixing those tweak issues. The TrackStar Quick Tweak Killer is the perfect tool for fixing any tweak issues with your vehicle frame and ensuring that the chassis is completely flat.

The base is made of 10mm aluminium to ensure the surface is flat. A strong 8mm stainless steel rod holds your chassis to the base ensuring it won’t move around while you make any adjustments.

To make the Tweak Killer even better we have cut windows into the base so that you don’t have to remove the chassis from the tool to loosen and more importantly tighten any screws on the bottom bulkhead. This ensures that the frame doesn’t move when making any adjustments. The tool can even be used as a straight edge to completely ensure everything is flat.

This will help you fix all your tweak issues quickly and easily. Getting you back on the track to beat your best times.

• Strong quality aluminium
• Easy access to both you top deck and bottom bulkhead


Car not included and is shown for representation only!