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3 Racing Cero Sport 55 1/10 Sport Touring Car


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KIT-Cero Sport 55
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3Racing Cero Sport ( 55 Structure) 1/1- Sport Touring Car

Key features:

  • 1. The first sport touring car platform to utilize pivot ball suspension arms.
  • 2. All suspension geometry carried forward from the full option pro chassis, Cero Ultra.
  • 3. Active Rear Suspension (ARS) allows infinite adjustment to suit track conditions.
  • 4. Lower suspension arms in composite material, one-piece, lightweight, durable and provide additional flex.
  • 5. Mid-motor mount for optimal balance and consistency.
  • 6. Motor mount provides a wide range of gear ratios, to suit blinky spec racing across all
  • winds.
  • 7. One-piece top deck.
  • 8. Quick change spur gear mount.
  • 9. Molded TPU front bumper.
  • 10. Steering knuckles are common on all 4 corners, reducing the number of spare parts
  • required. ( improved premium composite resin )
  • 11. One-piece bulkhead covers provide consistency and reduces the chance of chassis tweak.
  • 12. Spring-loaded quick-change battery retainer system.

****​Not include the rims, tire sets & all electronic parts.