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3Racing Cero Ultra Ace Professional 1/10 Sport Touring Car


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Kit-Cero Ultra-Ace
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3Racing Cero Ultra Ace Alloy Chassis professional 1/10 Sp Touring Car


 Cero Ultra-ACE:


  • 1.Double Wishbone Suspension
  • 2.Dual Positioning Motor mount
  • 3.Graphite Composite Upper Wishbone
  • 4.Bulit in Refill Differential
  • 5.All NMB (Japan) made Ball Bearing
  • 6.Pre-Builted 5/5 Belt Figure
  • 7.(44mm) Low Profile Absorber
  • 8.(KPI) King pin Inclination Fender stiffener
  • 9.(KPI) Drive Shaft
  • 10. 2mm 7075 Aluminum Chassis


 Additional information. 

  • Lowest Centre Gravity from our previous Chassis (*The photograph is illustrated placed belt at the central . / Equal output on each wheel)
  • All New Design Touring Chassis Platform
  • Harder Composite Upper Wishbone Arms
  • *Define the front or rear from the outer edge
  • *Put the front at the rear can get a 1.5mm shorter wheelbase
  • *More solid driven geometry from harder composite
  • Narrowest spool housing present
  • Up to your body setting placing the rear posts horizontal or vertical 
  • Tiny Knuckles 
  • Improved using 6 x 10 x 3mm to reduce vibration from tires, comes with 3mm thickness hex as standard and 3.5 or 4mm optional.
  • Separate Graphite Upper deck
  • Simply to adjust the response from the front or rear by the step screw 
  • Changing to 50/50, a 5/5 up-deck and 2 pcs of 351 belts are needed
  • Used 3mm premium graphite instead of general composite nylon lower wishbone
  • More sensitive from the ground that you will feel, stable and consistent drive improved
  • Used pivot ball and bushing instead of parallel pin 
  • Cero ultra new designed bulkhead attached the shock tower, setting the damper geometry by the shim 
  • ARS pre-build, with twist bar alignment socket pin on the bottom, top socket for the upper linkage mountWith twist bar alignment  
  • Socket pin on the bottom, top socket for the upper linkage mount