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Aluminium Long Span Rear Suspension Arm (compatible with TAMC-005)

Yeah Racing

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Yeah Racing is now introducing the performance upgrade kit especially designed for Tamiya M05 and M06. Inspired by competition touring designs, Yeah Racing¡¦s team of RC enthusiasts work on this kit¡¦s design day and night, with repetitive product testing and modification on the prototype, now bringing you a range of pop-ups for better touring performance. This range of pop ups will enable your touring RC to enjoy faster, more stable and better grip performance.

The innovative design by Yeah Racing, made the front and rear suspension arms 36% longer than original arm, bringing the lower arm line forward, aiming to bring you better performance than original hop-ups. While the extended arm is stretched forward, the track width is designed to remain the same as original.

When you consider making partial upgrade for your Tamiya M05 or M06, make notice that the extended arm is specially designed and is not compatible with original C-hub and knuckle set. It is highly recommended to get the extended arm along with the connecting parts, or the whole kit for best performance.

Yeah Racing has also taken the initiative to improve the C-Hubs into a ball bearing featured option, a mechanical element that constrains relative motion and reduces friction between moving parts, and to facilitate the desired motion and achieve the desired degree of movement as much as possible.

Not only the arms have been extended, C-Hubs have been upgrade with ball bearing, the rear hub/knuckle arm has also been upgraded to a Toe-In 3 degree design. The Toe-In 3 degree on the rear hub/knuckle arm will allow your Tamiya M05 or M06 increase straight-line stability and on-power stability at corner exits and braking at corner entries. It can also diminish the chances of losing rear traction to achieve better stability when cutting corners.

All parts are made of durable CNC aluminium and are available in metallic ice blue colour.


  • For: Tamiya M05 / M05 Ver.II / M06
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Blue
  • NOTE: Please note that the extended arm is specially designed and is not compatible with original knuckle set. It is highly recommended to get TAMC-004 with TAMC-005 or the entire kit for best performance.



  • Aluminum Long-Span Rear Suspension Arm (2 pcs)
  • Pin 3 x 18mm (2 pcs)
  • Pin 3 x 42mm (2 pcs)
  • Round Head Screw M2 x 3mm (8 pcs)
  • Round Head Screw M3 x 14mm (2 pcs)
  • Spacer 3 x 5 x 2mm (2 pcs)
  • Ball 4.8 x 5mm (2 pcs)
  • Step Screw M3 x 16mm (2 pcs)
  • Manual (1 pc)