Yeah Racing Aluminium Long-Span Suspension Arms and Knuckles Performance Upgrade Kit For Tamiya WR02/WR02G/GF01

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Featured on our M05 series, the long arm conversion is now available for your WR02, WR02G and GF01. Included are aluminium parts to replace the plastic parts for increased sturdiness. The long arm suspension is there to increase stability for those off-road runs. Do not worry about having a weird looking car with too much offset, because the track-width is kept the same just the leverage between the steering knuckles and uprights is increased through the long arm conversion. An increased amount of settings is included through the turnbuckles set used to replace the upper arms found in the WR02, WR02G and GF01. You can now set camber to adjust cornering grip, only found in expensive racing buggies. All items included in this conversion kit are made of lightweight yet rugged aluminium so you not worry about making your rig too heavy. 

All parts are made of durable CNC aluminium and are available in metallic ice blue color.


  • For: WR02 WR02G GF01
  • Material: Aluminium with plastic Tie Rods
  • Colour: Blue



  • #TAWR-001 Aluminium Long-Span Front Supension Arm Set
  • #TAWR-002 Aluminium C-Hub Set
  • #TAWR-003 Aluminium Long-Span Rear Suspension Arm Set
  • #TAWR-004 Aluminium Rear Hub/Knuckle Arm set
  • #TAWR-005 Aluminium Adjustable Front & Rear Damper Set
  • #TAWR-006 Aluminium Front Knuckle Arm Set
  • #TAWR-008 Adjustable Steering Tie-Rod Set
  • Manual (1 pc)

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