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X-Square Front Low Profile Shock Mount Upper Bulkhead For Xray T4 20 21


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Integrated shock mount upper bulkhead to lower the centre of gravity of your Xray T4 20 and 21! This results in a more flat cornering response increasing consistency! Also with super minute shock angle adjustment through adding/removing shims! You can use both the LCG shock mounting position by repositioning the aluminium shock mount plate below the graphite brace without having to buy an optional shock tower! The camber link length is also adjustable through replacing the shims on the camberlink mounts!


  • For: Xray T4 20 21 
  • Material: Aluminium 
  • Colour: Black


  • Shock Mount Piece (1 pc) 
  • Camberlink Mounts (2 pcs) 
  • Aluminium Bulkheads (2 pcs) 
  • Graphite Bulkhead Brace (1 pc) 
  • Screws (12 pcs) 
  • Shims (8 pcs)